Rod Whisnant

Technologist & Product Innovator


I am a father, husband, regular guy, entrepreneur, cyclist, story teller, team builder, triathlete, obstical junkie and technology maven. I live and work in Austin Texas. I enjoy listening to interesting people and sharing ideas to create the next big thing.

I have a diverse background from executive leadership, product management & technology in spaces including e-commerce, big data, mobile, enterprise software and social media. I've worked at startups and large companies and have a rare combination of product vision, technical accumen and business savvy. Let's talk!

You can find my full experience timeline on LinkedIn but, here are a few of the companies I've worked for and with:

  • Predictive Science
  • Dell Computer
  • Whisnant Consulting
  • CrowdMesh
  • ExpressDigital

Life is too short to build crap nobody wants

Lean Startup Principle



Learn, Build, Measure, repeat


from basic to Enterprise


enabling portable Information

Social Media

delivering Insights

I love building great products and great teams

Rod Whisnant


Feel free to reach out for consulting, collaboration, job opportunities, technology assessments or just to connect. Let's Talk.