About Me

rod whisnant I am a co-founder of 3 kids, husband to 1, regular guy, entrepreneur, cyclist, story teller, builder, triathlete, obstacle junkie and product guy.

I have a diverse background in product management & technology in areas including e-commerce, big data & analytics, marketing, mobile and social media. I've worked at startups and large companies and have a rare combination of product vision, technical acumen and business savvy.

—I'm passionate about creating compelling products that solve hard problems.

product management

Product Management

I view product management as the art of seeing all the possibilities, finding the important, and driving to make it possible. —This is what I do.

big data

Big Data &

In today's world you need data to drive decisions. The trick is knowing what to look for, obtaining clean data and presenting findings in an understandable form. —This is my wheelhouse.

social media

Social Media

A deep understanding of social channels is important for any brand. Your customers are there, you need to be there, and know what it all means. —I know social.



Feel free to reach out for consulting, collaboration, job opportunities, technology assessments or just some quick advice. Let's talk.